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Current Situation

CHANGE invades every aspect of our lives. As constant as the daily rotation of the earth, change pervades all corners of our life. Change impacts us personally, both mentally and physically; change impacts those around us, family, friends, and all others; and change impacts the planet on which we abide.


In its various garbs the mantle of change is pervasive. We tend to measure its aspects along the continuum of time. A particular example that has captured my attention is the automobile.

The internal combustion engine (ICE) was “invented” over 125 years ago. It has powered our cars ever since. It seems fair to predict that it will be superseded by the electric car (EV) within the next decade. Two prime reason for this change: cost (purchase, repair, and operating) and environmental impact.

On just the cost side, an average ICE car consists of well over 1,000 parts and requires 6.2 hours to assemble. An electric-powered car, with its 200 parts, requires 3.7 hours to assemble. This favorable differential will, with improved battery length, leads to the EV replacing the combustion automobile as we know it. In turn, that change will precipitate a total change in our lifestyle…including the way we function, move about, and receive goods.

On the environmental side operation of the EV will reduce air pollution – enough said on that score.

This example introduces the subject of CHANGE. By referencing my Moving Forward page you are prompted to consider how CHANGE will impact you and your business opportunities.

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