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What is your “North Star” of reference? Now that we are reaching the other side of the pandemic, how should you re-orient your marketing and product strategy to ride on the crest of the opportunistic wave of change?

Granted, some recent trends will disappear while others will continue, but at a diminished level. Those that are most thought-provoking are those that surface in our new era product/service environment. Will you be a leader or follower in their incorporation?

The novel Coronavirus has altered our lives and living styles worldwide. CHANGE is one of the few constants in life. We can and should be guided by history, but we are entering into a new lifestyle --- an exciting experience to say the least.

The starting point for business leaders is to recognize that this NEW ERA will not replicate pre-pandemic life. Sure, most of what we experienced before will be resurrected, but SOME and perhaps MANY new opportunities will emerge.

Please click here to visit my website’s New Normal presentation for an informative discussion on this critical, evolving, and opportunistic topic.

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