Current Situation

The stars are aligned. This is the right time to expand your business. Why? Two trends intersect. First, the end of the Covid-19 virus is in sight. Inoculations will commence, possibly by year’s end. Second, a wave of newly created enterprises is just birthing. We are entering a fertile market period best described as new normal.

Several post-pandemic outcomes have been created that produce opportunities for both new products and enhanced services. These opportunities spread out from a few major focal points like ripples in a pond when a stone is tossed.

The most prominent focal point is the work-from-home development. That has produced many ripples ranging from Zoom conferencing to the way in which we do or do not congregate. That trend can be subdivided into many sub-categories such as age, sex, domicile, occupation.

Please access my MOVING FORWARD – November page, which utilizes the work-from-home illustration and provides further references as to how this enhancement concept can work for YOU.

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