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Planning your firm’s growth – thinking like a futurist?  Perhaps your core strategy is losing its inertia due to such factors as market saturation, competition, or business evolution, resulting from the winds of evolutionary change. Or perhaps you simply wish to increase revenues by further business expansion



Consider your options. Of course, you can stand pat and commit your energies to your current enterprise in perfecting the realization of your initial business plan.  But perhaps you would like to explore the many diversification options available to you. Like the branches of a tree they offer a range of varied opportunities for enhancing  revenues and growth.


What avenues of diversification might you consider?  Including “tweaks” there are some 30 you might want to consider. This book explores many of these options by providing examples of small-to-large manufacturing and service firms that have enacted some form of a diversification strategy. Of course, there would be investment, hard work, and risk involved, but that was true in building your current business. This book is simply designed to stimulate your thought process – be a futurist

Content Features

•    Full range of product and service diversification options 
•    Practical examples of companies -small, medium, and large
•    “How to” identify appropriate prospecting strategies
•    “How to” identify and pursue appropriate diversification opportunities  
•    “ How to” integrate these new ventures into existing corporate culture
•     Diversification risk assessment
•     Text sprinkled with “ideas” for improving success



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Opportunities Created by The Winds Of Change

Broaden your offerings, expand customer base and DIVERSIFY NOW

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