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Author's Background

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Brooks Fenno is an experienced sales/marketing professional. During a 40 year span he developed and managed a specialty marketing consulting company (SALESMARK) which served 250 clients worldwide (China to Germany). His target clients were small to medium-sized firms (manufacturing and service), seeking diversified growth.

Specific accomplishments include:

  • Graduate of Princeton University and Harvard Business School 

  • Military veteran (artillery officer with 101st Airborne Division)

  • Employed by such firms as Gillette, Sylvania, Procter & Gamble, and Itek Corporation. Established, in  Germany, and implemented Itek’s  European sales/service program.

  • Taught Marketing Strategy in Babson College’s MBA program

  • Wrote best-selling small business book Helping your Business Grow, 101 Dynamic Ideas In Marketing. Published by AMACOM 

  • Orchestrated Development of Harvard Business School’s alumni organization Community Action Partners – a volunteer organization that has served more than 200 non-profit firms since 1993 with the support of over 1000 Harvard volunteer alumni. 

  • Past President of Princeton Alumni Association of New England

  • Served as a director of three companies (2 private and 1 public)

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