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MOVING FORWARD - January, 2021

We begin the NEW YEAR in an unsettled, shifting environment. Our Government is changing; Covid-19 continues its ravaging impact; but, a solution has appeared.

How do we plan our actions? OPTIMISTICALLY, BUT WITH CAUTION


Business Meeting

This is the time to act in a similar manner to a farmer planting seedlings. Do not wait any longer if you expect to ride the crest of the wave of opportunity that will launch you into the post-Covid era.


The relatively quiet pandemic period we are in has afforded us an opportunity to contemplate our lives and business strategies. Now is the opportune moment to take any new ideas and turn them into growth plans that can be implemented in the second quarter of 2021.


The action steps are basic:

  • Conceive

  • Design

  • Implement test

  • Reevaluate

  • Launch

  • Modify

Might you seek detailed information on how best to grow through diversification?

Then turn to my book, Corporate Diversification, the contents of which are documented in this web page. Note the sections on planning and risk mitigation.

Get in touch:

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Contact me to review your growth options. I advise and consult online.
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