JULY 2021

Summer has arrived. We are experiencing a special period locally free from the masks of COVID. What JOY!

In the business world, July designates the real start to summer… with it comes vacations and a time for planning activities for the balance of the year.

Marketing of products slows down in the summer months save for seasonally related items. It provides executives a period to relax and THINK.

Strategic planning is best done at this time of year. It provides an opportunity to document and review what has worked and what hasn’t. It is also a time to consider what new developments and innovations might be launched and when.

In summary, July is the time to ponder and plan. August is the time to refine and schedule changes or develop new ventures. September is the time for introductions.

Whatever actions you elect to pursue DO SOMETHING NEW! Only by experimenting will you fulfill your life’s potential. Open the doors of opportunity and investigate what is inside. Remember, we are all running out of time.


Change is one of the few constants in our lives. Share my thoughts, written monthly, on the topic of CHANGE.