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"Change favors the prepared mind"

  Brooks Fenno is a leading diversification specialist. 

Brooks Fenno is an experienced sales/marketing professional. During a 40 year span he developed and managed a specialty marketing consulting company  (SALESMARK) which served 250 clients worldwide (China to Germany). His target clients were small to medium-sized firms (manufacturing and service), seeking diversified growth.

His most recent book, Corporate Diversification, Opportunities Created by the Winds of Change, details various practical methods of diversification available to small and mid-sized firms.Opportunities and risks are noted. The book is amply illustrated with a variety of real-life examples.



Harvard Business School

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"Brooks has the ability to simplify growth strategies in a way that most can understand and follow.  This book will provide the basics to understand how diversification may work in a variety of business areas."  

Peter Chase, Executive Chairman, Chase Corporation, Westwood MA.