JUNE 2021

We are now entering our post-pandemic era. This very period represents an opportune new phase in our lives. While we will revert to many former habits, we also have an option to use this moment-in-time to innovate.

Memorable events happen – they become reference periods. You have just finished a unique chapter in your life, a new one is about to unfold.

Dur your lifestyle – certain constraints impacted your routine habits. But some positive habits emerged which you may elect to continue. These new traits probably included the likes of communicating with friends (phone or Zoom), eating certain home-delivered foods, indoor exercising, reading new books, watching special shows on TV, etc…

Moving into this new chapter, what plans do you have? Reflect. How are you going to make up for lost time? Possibly travel is one. What other overlooked ventures will you be tackling?

So, mark this moment in life’s sequence. It is a memorable period. Decide what you want to take with you and what you now can do to enhance the future.

Stay tuned to my monthly comments on change as it is always evolving.