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From my perspective, as a veteran Army Officer and a seasoned management consultant, I view this conflict in terms of a boxing match - Hamas vs Israel.

  • Round One - HamasTaking the initiative Hamas landed two unexpected punches on Israel. First punch was the attack which killed 1,200 Israel civilians. Second punch was capturing 250 hostages in the process.

  • Round Two - Israel. In retaliation Israel mobilized its forces and killed 14,500 Palestinians. Israel also launched an attack into northern Gaza Strip.

  • Round Three - A draw. Israel reached the outskirts of Gaza Strip, but they did not find the Hamas headquarters under the hospital as anticipated. Israel just found tunnels and assorted weapons.

  • Round Four - A draw. Israel has landed several strong blows, but Hamas has absorbed them thus far. Hamas' resources (funds and manpower) appear to be sufficient to continue the fight. No major setbacks for Hamas. Hostages still intact. Hamas's leadership still largely untouched.

  • Round Five - Underway. Israel still landing body punches and Hamas continues to withstand them. The audience is starting to support Hamas's resilience, however. There is also a question as to how much longer Israel can continue its unrelenting attack.

  • Round Six - Stalemate. Israel has surrounded Gaza City, but has yet to launch a ground invasion of the city proper. Humanitarian aid to the encircled Palestinians is limited and insufficient to meet their ongoing needs.

Worth knowing:

  • Underneath Gaza Strip, reportedly there lies a large geological oil supply.

  • Hamas is well financed through international investments. No lack of funds.

  • No clear solution to settlement of Gaza strip and Palestine.

For informative updates, continue to monitor Brooks Fenno's comments here.

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