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APRIL 2023


War is the ultimate step in resolving an altercation between two political entities. The resulting combat lasts until either one side subdues the other or until the adversaries become too exhausted to continue the conflict. In the Russia-Ukraine, neither side can politically afford to back down. Putin will never quit, neither will his militaristic successors - too much at stake.

If the United States and its NATO ally back down, China will take note, then likely invade Taiwan and continue its Pacific expansion. Russia may also try to expand its acquisition program of the Baltic countries.

As Thomas Friedman, noted NY Times columnist and world traveler, responded to an audience question at a recent speech "I have no idea as to how this war might be resolved." Personally, I have exactly the same concern as I watch both warring factions ramp up their efforts. Should the Russian armed forces continue to be destroyed on the battlefield I think they will likely introduce nuclear weapons.


What we now have is an accelerating stalemate. The Russians expend their inexhaustible supply of troops, matched by the Ukrainians. We continue to fuel the war by funding new weapons and munitions. 

Is there any clear way out? I wonder.

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