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From my perspective, as a veteran Army Officer and a seasoned management consultant, I view this conflict in terms of a boxing match - Hamas vs Israel.

  • Round One - HamasTaking the initiative Hamas landed two unexpected punches on Israel. First punch was the attack which killed 1,200 Israel civilians. Second punch was capturing 250 hostages in the process.

  • Round Two - Israel. In retaliation Israel mobilized its forces and killed 14,500 Palestinians. Israel also launched an attack into northern Gaza Strip.

  • Round Three - A draw. Israel reached the outskirts of Gaza Strip, but they did not find the Hamas headquarters under the hospital as anticipated. Israel just found tunnels and assorted weapons.

  • Round Four - Underway. So far edge to Hamas. Hostage-prisoner exchange favors Hamas in that slow-proceeding negotiations allow Hamas to replenish supplies while taking away Israel's fighting edge. Furthermore, delays allows public opinion pressure to shift from combat to peace.

Worth knowing:

  • Underneath Gaza Strip, reportedly there lies a large geological oil supply.

  • Hamas is well financed through international investments. No lack of funds.

  • Hamas had openly rehearsed attack via creation of a mock Kibbutzim village.

  • No clear solution to settlement of Gaza strip and Palestine.

For informative updates, continue to monitor Brooks Fenno's comments here.

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