MAY 2021

As the adage goes “things lead to their opposites” or another way of saying this is “that for every action there is an opposite reaction.” What will be the reaction from this pandemic? Likely, the reaction will produce a very interesting outcome.

In configuration, its shape may be more evolutionary than responsive. It appears that the pandemic has accelerated certain societal shifts, most noticeably in the field of technology. Robotics is a prime example as noted in warehouse transport of goods. Other evolutionary examples include tele-conferencing, remote learning, biological innovation, stock investing, and the oft-mentioned home-office workplace.

The pendulum’s shape is more that of a developing series of waves as opposed to any alternate flow configuration. There will, however, be a powerful wave surge. This momentum “thrust” will feature currently dormant activities such as overseas vacation travel. At the moment, we are in a transitional period between these two series of waves….a sort of trough. This ebb between waves is marked by a lessening of pandemic initiatives soon to be replaced by a resurgence of innovative activity.

We are privy to a unique personal experience. True, there have been prior pandemics, but historically none that have arrived quite this suddenly and have been addressed quite so rapidly.

Change is a fascinating, ever-present phenomenon. I encourage you to monitor my monthly reflections on this topic.