MAY 2022


Our country is using Ukraine and its people as a testing ground for our military equipment and strategy. Specifically, we are testing both advanced anti-aircraft and anti-armor equipment, plus training and tactical strategies, in real time and with live personnel against a potential adversary.

Without risking the lives of our citizens, we are observing the effectiveness of our Javelin missiles in destroying Soviet tanks & equipment and our Stinger missiles in shooting down various types of Soviet aircraft. We recently introduced our state-of-the art Switchblades (“kamikaze drones”). We are also monitoring the use of Soviet weapons such as their state-of-the-art Kinzhal hypersonic missile.

I was in the 101st Airborne Division. At the time I served our division was the Army’s leading ground-combat unit. We were equipped with the latest equipment and weaponry. Training exercises were crucial, but never could provide as valuable a learning tool as did actual combat. 

Human casualties, no matter friend or foe, are never worth the cost.  But in this conflagration we, in this country, are spared. The Ukrainians are not - Is that a reasonably equitable bargain?

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