The battle is far from over. Our Covid enemy is both aggressive and resourceful. Covid caught us unaware three years ago. We were totally unprepared for any severe pandemic, but, amazingly, we rapidly responded by developing three potent, targeting vaccines. 

Covid replied by introducing a Delta version which was both fast spreading and more powerful than their Alpha version. We countered by launching these newly developed vaccines which largely blunted the impact of the Delta variant.

However, Covid noted and exploited a vulnerability in our national composition. The “United” in United States refers to a unified vertical geographic (states) structure. Covid saw a potential for a horizontal attack…the classic “divide and conquer” conceptual approach championed by Procter & Gamble. Horizontally, our population has evolved into three demographic categories: 1) The Tired Casuals, 2) The Hunkered Down, and 3) The Anti-Vaxers. Let’s look at each:


The Tired Casuals: After three years of pandemic strife and having been inoculated they are reverting to their old lifestyle: airplane travel, cruises etc.  


The Hunkered Downs: This group, predominantly elderly, are inoculated and are staying home – not wishing to risk infection.


The Anti-Vaxers. This conservative group refuses to accept the potential value of vaccine. They are also ignoring their role in spreading Covid.


To exploit this separation opportunity, Covid has launched a “blizzard” product, the Omicron variant – a faster spreading, but less lethal virus. This “fog approach” has confused and disrupted our defenses. We have countered with masks….Stay tuned as the battle is still being waged.

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