MARCH 2021

Change is pervasive. Our leaders are involved with change on one, two, and/or three platforms: creation; development; and integration.


Let us visit each:

  • Creation. There are two prime sources of change: natural and man-made. Covid-19 is a prime example of the natural. The man-made features electronics, a field comprised of innovators who have harnessed this form of power to create goods and items of value.

  • Development. For an invention to be of value to others it must be developed by the inventor or, more frequently, another. The key here is to engage an able developer (should one need be assigned) that is committed to the success of the change, if man-made.

  • Integration. Change requires acceptance for it to achieve value. The integration of change represents a field of its own. This discipline encompasses administrators, business executives, doctors, lawyers and many other well-compensated professionals.

Academia provides excellent examples. For instance, a university’s Dean of Admission is charged with developing a balanced incoming student class. Factors integrated include ethnicity, income (aid versus paid), academic prowess (adjusted for opportunity), geographic distribution, extra-curricular activities, applicant acceptance rate etc. The university President has his/her own additional factors such as alumni relations and governmental politics.

On the natural side of change, we have responses to disasters like Covid-19 where our national, state and local governments serve as prime integrators.

Be mindful of the above three platform components when you think of change.


Monitor these reflections, monthly, on this page and on social media.


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