What a summer it was! We were expecting relaxation with the Covid-19 pandemic in our rear-view mirror. Then, in August, we were hit with a double blow: The Delta Variant & The Climate Change’s heat wave which produced earthquakes, floods, and forest fires galore. 

During most years our problems are ingrown – of our own making. We create a personal environment which fosters change. We produced our share of these altercations (Afghanistan etc.), but recently were caught off-guard by the impact of an outside source - nature. We often tend to overlook the point that we are just insignificant members of a natural universe.  

True, we are contributors to the unbalancing of nature. However, we are not as accustomed to, nor prepared for, these natural external forces as we are to humankind occurrences. Nature provides its own slow but lasting form of change. It creeps up on us in a quiet and unobtrusive manner. Note the example of our receding shoreline.  

Our business community is oriented more to operating with a rapid-response strategy. As a nation we seek instant gratification. In business it takes the form of short-term financial gain. But this natural platform represents an ongoing “strategic happening.” Take advantage of its impact – or you may lose out.  


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