APRIL 2021

Change is a word typically associated with event/product shifts evidenced over the continuum of time. But what about a different perspective, more vertically oriented?

Let us examine change not over time, but as being innately created. Market analysis provides an illustration of this novel perspective.

Daily, our habits become more closely tracked and segmented. Currently, we are providing the marketing professionals with, for them, an exciting new source of data – our registration information for Covid-19 vaccinations.

Perhaps the clearest, practical example of when vertical segmentation leads to monetary change is in the automobile insurance industry. Three illustrations:

  • American Automobile Insurance has teamed with Hartford Insurance to offer a “preferred” rate to 55+ age drivers.

  • USAA offers “preferred” rates to servicemen and their families.

  • Liberty Mutual provides special rates to accident-free (3 years) automobile owners.


The marketplace is being sliced and diced in all sort of manners – everyone (both businesses and the consuming public) seek a competitive edge. Market segmentation offers a vehicle for identifying this vertical change. Our lives are being examined in ways we may not consciously comprehend. Astute business planners stay out in front of these emerging trends of change in efforts to capitalize on their direction. Of course, while these measuring systems evolve so does the population being assessed – by multiple factors such as actions, age, and opinions.

Keep in mind that vertical change is not static. It evolves over time as does its horizontal counterpart.


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